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Powell was jailed Friday for 10 years and Davies for 8. Two other men were also found guilty of criminal charges.

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Simon Wicks, 57, was found guilty of conspiracy to conceal criminal property and conspiracy to convert criminal property and was handed a sentence of five years. Paul Wells, aged 60, was found guilty of conspiracy to conceal criminal property and will be sentenced in December.

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It contained ornaments, coins, a gold ring and a pendant made from a sphere of rock crystal bound with gold, among other items. Some of the coins, one of which was issued by King Alfred the Great of Wessex, are thought to have dated from as early as AD and were collected by Vikings.

The pair claimed to have found only a couple of gold coins, but investigators recovered deleted images of the full hoard from Powell's mobile phone. The vast majority of the treasure is still missing, with just 31 coins recovered. George Powell, top left, Simon Wicks, top right, Layton Davies, bottom left, and Paul Wells, bottom right, were jailed for their involvement in the case.

Detectorists jailed for £3m Viking hoard theft

The theft came to light after police were alerted by reports from the metal detecting community and the British Museum, West Mercia Police said. Does this mean the gold will be taxed? It was the biggest and best coin discovery in U. The 1, rare and perfectly preserved U. They sold some, kept others, and donated some of the proceeds to charity, but had to pay tax. And if the property has gone up in value in the interim, you get stuck with tax on the increased value. If you think giving it to charity will net out the problem, think again.

You can decline a prize and avoid all taxes.

Amateurs Find Largest Ever Viking Gold Hoard in Denmark

I'll bet the Vikings didn't worry about such things. You can carry over excess charitable contribution deductions from one year to the next, and you have five years to use it up. This discussion is not intended as legal advice, and cannot be relied upon for any purpose without the services of a qualified professional. I handle tax matters across the U. Robert W.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin A hoard of Viking gold and silver over 1, years old was discovered by a retired businessman with a metal detector in a Scottish field. Wood Contributor. Read More.

Viking Gold Viking Gold
Viking Gold Viking Gold
Viking Gold Viking Gold
Viking Gold Viking Gold
Viking Gold Viking Gold
Viking Gold Viking Gold

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