The road to healthier life

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Shane decided to make some major life changes and discovered a newfound love for running. You experienced an incredible transformation after taking up running a few years ago. What made you decide to change your lifestyle? At the lowest point in my life, physically and mentally, I was hovering around pounds. To be honest, when I was a child I absolutely hated running and I used to consider it a form of punishment passed down by my gym teachers!

Naturally Meghan's road to healthier living

In my earlier years, I was a competitive swimmer and I also enjoyed basketball. I started to become more and more interested in running and added it to my workout routine. Like many young men, I always wanted to be BIG and strong. I focused on lifting heavy Weights and consuming all of these expensive weight-gaining supplements. My size definitely increased; however, it ended up changing in a negative way. My party lifestyle, which consisted of countless late-night binge-drinking and junk food sessions, also had a terrible impact on me and my weight skyrocketed! This not only affected me physically, it also crushed me mentally.

What stage of change are you in?

I sank into a state of Depression for a very long time. After a moment where I became severely winded walking up a simple flight of stairs, I decided to do something about it.

I drastically reduced my alcohol consumption, eliminated junk food, started eating healthier, and became more active. Instead of a routine that was mostly weights and very little cardio, I switched it up. The bulk of my focus shifted towards cardio with some weight- training sessions on the side.

5 Ways To Live A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE - Health, Wellness & Happiness

I wanted to give up many times. Why did you decide to share your story?

How To Get Started On Your Path To Healthier Eating

I want to help the countless people out there that are struggling with similar issues. Change is possible, they just need to put in the work, be positive, and stick with it! You can never have too many good people in your life.

Make sure the vegetables span different colors; different colors represent different phytonutrients in the vegetables that your body needs. Among healthy diets, one of the main constants is vegetables and fruits. Drink water. Water help you feel full and some studies have observed it can increase your metabolic rate, helping you burn more calories.

The Way of the Healthy Person

Avoid sugary beverages. Swapping sugary beverages for water, seltzer, or infused-waters is an easy way to help cut those calories. Avoid processed foods.

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Instead, try eating things that are not pre-packaged. Studies have shown that pre-packaged deli meats and red meats put us at risk for chronic conditions, like diabetes, down the road. In addition, these foods are high in salt, which can increase blood pressure. Eat fresh whenever possible. Use spices as condiments and in your cooking.

The road to healthier life The road to healthier life
The road to healthier life The road to healthier life
The road to healthier life The road to healthier life
The road to healthier life The road to healthier life
The road to healthier life The road to healthier life
The road to healthier life The road to healthier life

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