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Buddy is later caught by Josh after the game. Soon after, the dog witnesses Coach Barker abusing Tom by violently pelting him with basketballs in an attempt to make him catch better.

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He leads Josh, Jackie, and the school principal Ms. Pepper to the scene. As a result, Barker is fired and replaced by the school's kind-hearted engineer, former NBA player Arthur Chaney, at Josh's suggestion. As the new basketball coach, Chaney starts implementing changes in the team, including benching Larry during a game for constant ball-hogging.

Angry by Chaney's decision, Buck Willingham, Larry's overbearing father, forces Larry to leave the team. Buddy becomes the mascot of the school's basketball team and begins appearing in their halftime shows. After the Timberwolves lose one game, the team has subsequent success and qualifies for the State Final. Just before the championship game, Snively appears after seeing Buddy on television.

Hoping to profit out of Buddy's newfound fame, he forces Jackie to hand over Buddy, using papers proving that he is Buddy's legal owner. Knowing they do not have a choice, Jackie forces Josh to give Buddy back to Snively.

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After noticing that he is feeling withdrawn and depressed, Jackie regrets making Josh give up Buddy. Josh decides to rescue Buddy, suspecting he is being abused by Snively. He sneaks into Snively's backyard and finds Buddy chained up and abused again. Snively catches Josh escaping with Buddy, and pursues them in his dilapidated clown truck, however the truck's brakes and steering fails and Snively ends up crashing into a lake, which he survives promising that he will reclaim Buddy.

Josh then decides to set Buddy free in the forest to find a new home. Initially, his team is losing at the next championship to the opposing team, which Larry turns out to have joined. Then Buddy returns for a joyful reunion for Josh and the team.

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When it is discovered that there is no rule that a dog cannot play basketball, Buddy joins the roster and leads the team to a come from behind championship victory, with Josh scoring the game-winning buzzer beater. Snively arrives and attempts to sue the Framm family for custody of Buddy, despite that his ownership papers were ruined when he crashed into the lake.

Upon seeing Buddy, Judge Cranfield is disgusted and initially reluctant to judge a case over a dog, but agrees only under a strict condition that the case be executed seriously. During the trial, Snively begins lying to the judge to get Buddy back while Josh protests against letting Snively have Buddy, mentioning the abuse that Buddy has suffered. Jackie also protests, mentioning that Buddy was much happier with their family, and that she too has seen how abusive Snively is. After hearing a number of people protest against Snively, Cranfield does not believe that either one has any real evidence in claiming ownership to Buddy.

Soon, Chaney arrives and suggests that Buddy chooses his owner. As a fan of Chaney, Cranfield accepts his proposal and moves the court outside to the front lawn for Buddy to choose.

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After Buddy rips up the rolled-up newspaper that Snively had always abused him with and then chooses Josh, Cranfield rules in the Framm family's favor as Buddy's owners and declares the case closed. When Snively angrily attempts to get Buddy back by force, Cranfield demands for police officers to quickly take him away and arrest him, while Josh and the rest of the citizens rejoice and gather around Buddy to welcome him to his new home.

The special edition DVD also includes commentary from Buddy and his puppies, as the series had introduced speaking animals by that time. Family Entertainment label. The film received mixed reviews. The film generated one theatrical sequel, three direct-to-video sequels and a spin-off film series. In each film, Buddy learns to play a different sport while the spin offs focus on Buddy's children, the Buddies. Track and field, horse racing, golf, ice hockey, soccer and wrestling have also proven to be popular sports themes.

T here have been a number of "sports films" that have stretched the definition of a sports film , such as:. While many sports films have been nominated more than listed here , only 14 films in the sub-genre as of have ever won at the Academy Awards, with 26 trophies among them. The first sports movie to win the Best Picture Academy Award was Rocky , often on the ten-best sports film lists. This was only the second instance in which a female won the top acting honor for a sports role.

The top-earning sports drama was The Blind Side , while the top-earning sports comedy was The Waterboy The domestic grosses of almost every type of sports film made since the late s and s to the year were compared below, and led to this compilation figures should be considered approximate :. A number of sports films have documented or portrayed real-life characters, such as the following:.

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Typical sports football films with biographical elements include the sentimental biography of the Notre Dame football coach, Lloyd Bacon's Knute Rockne: All-American One of the best films ever made about pro-football was Ted Kotcheff's North Dallas Forty which examined the brutal fact of labor abuses and drug use in professional football - loosely basing its story on the championship Dallas Cowboys team. The tearjerking made-for-TV sports film Brian's Song used professional football as the backdrop for its sad tale of the death of real-life Chicago Bears running back James Caan as Brian Piccolo.

Burt Reynolds starred in The Longest Yard as scandalized ex-professional football quarterback Paul Crewe in prison who must organize a team of convicts to challenge a prison-guard team and then face the additional challenge of throwing the game. Recently, Cameron Crowe's sports romance-drama Jerry Maguire , famous for the phrase "Show me the money! In the Oscar-nominated The Blind Side , a semi-autobiographical sports drama, the plot told about Michael Oher - who was able to overcome poverty and adoption in the family of Leigh Anne Tuohy Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock , to eventually become an NFL football player - an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens.

In The Jackie Robinson Story , the famed black player who crossed the major-league 'color-line' and joined the Brooklyn Dodgers portrayed himself. Director Barry Levinson's mythical and romanticized film about baseball titled The Natural featured Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs - a gifted baseball player who made a fairytale comeback and led his New York team to the World Series. Sweeney in the minors. More recently, Moneyball starred Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, general manager in the early s of the Oakland Athletics, who radically believed in relying on statistics alone to pick players for the team.

The family-friendly comedy sports-related film Space Jam , the first full-length picture for Warner Bros. Films about boxing are perhaps the most numerous sub-genre, and one of the most lucrative. One of the best boxing films ever made, along with Robert Wise's classic film noirish The Set-Up starring Robert Ryan as aging boxer Stoker Thompson, was the realistically stark Body and Soul It starred John Garfield as boxer Charlie Davis who 'sold his soul' to unethical promoters but then had a change of heart in the last three rounds of a championship fight during which he was supposed to take a dive.

David O. Russell's Oscar-winning dramatic boxing film The Fighter told about two half-brothers who were boxers: welterweight "Irish" Micky Ward Mark Wahlberg and Dicky Eklund Christian Bale - a boxer-turned-trainer who was plagued by drugs and addiction, but triumphed to lead Mickey to the world championship.

One of the best films of the 80s decade, Raging Bull was Martin Scorsese's tough, visceral and uncompromising biopic film of the rise and fall of prizefighter Jake La Motta with a remarkable performance by actor Robert DeNiro. The stylized scenes in the ring included flying blood and sweat, exaggerated flashbulb camera flashes, slow-motion and violent punching sounds.

The all-American fictional, underdog Philadelphia boxing hero Rocky Balboa in the populist, feel-good, Oscar-winning drama Rocky series emerged as the peak boxing-film series, with a reprised film in the next decade, Rocky Balboa and another sequel in the following decade, Creed :. Although a comedy, Caddyshack was about an elitist country club for golf, a mischievous green-destroying gopher, and a crazed groundskeeper Bill Murray.



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