Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition)

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Jean compagnon de fr. Cavanna, L. Briganti, Il b. The writings of Leo, Rufino and Angelo companions of St. Francis Oxford, , ; E. Zeugnisse aus acht Jahrhunderten , ed. Paul Zahner St. Luigi Borriello, Maria R. Studi per l'ottantesimo compleanno di Giuseppe Avarucci , ed. Bartoli, W.

Mastromatteo Bologna: Edizione Dehoniane, , Aegidius Caillou Gilles Caillou, fl. Also author of a translation of the Recognitiones Papae Clementis. Aegidius de Baisu late thirteenth century. Aegidius Baerdemakere Gilles Barbiers, d. Was sent to Paris to finish his degree studies for the order. Obtained the theology licence and the magisterium theologiae in After his return to his home province, he became custos of Flanders and subsequently sufragan bishop of Tournai assisting bishop Ferry de Clugny.

On April 3, , he was selected for the episcopal see of Sarepta, and he was consecrated at Bruges on June 30 of that same year. He died at Lille on March 28, and was buried at the Franciscan church of Bruges.

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In Paris, in , probably magister in Some of his sermons de tempore et de sanctis did survive. Sermo de S 80 in commemoratione omnium fidelium defunctorum titulus: In die omnium fidelium animarum a quodam fr. Minore dicto Egidio bono clerico. In hiis verbis per Spiritum Sanctum exhortamur ad duo, primo ad offerendum Deo dignas oblationes pro mortuis Sermo de T 20 dnca 2?

In 3o sabbato in quadrigesima a fr. Egidio fr. Summa Theologica? Laurenziana Conv. Sbaralea, Supplementum, I, n. Glorieux', AFH , 17 , Aegidius de Cesaro Egidio da Cesaro Siciliano, fl. Partisan Catholic specialist of the doctrinal controversies with the Greek Orthodox Church. Apologia in Catalatinon Nathanaelis Xbiche Atheniensis, in quibus quinquaginta tres Propositiones Haereticales, vel erroneae ad hominem confutantur Venice: Typis Mortali, Author of a confessions handbook De confessione and of an Abbreviatio Operis Joannis Scoti not found.

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Wadding, Script. Enventayro do oratorio de S. Edited in: A. Aegidius de Locheo Gilles de Loches, fl. Capuchin friar from the Brittany-Touraine province. Missionary in Syria and Ethyopia Abyssinia from the mid s onwards. Back in France in Again asked to be send away on mission again around Known for his knowledge of physics and oriental languages and culture.

Lexicon Capuccinum , 13; Peter N. Alastair Hamilton, Maurits H. Wadding, Scriptores , 8; Sbar. Schmitt, Dict.

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Lay Capuchin friar in the Castilian province Spain. Born in Took the habit in Known for his medical knowledge, expressed in his Tesoro de la Medicina , 2 Vols. Madrid, Portuguese friar. Studied theology at Toulouse. Active in Aragon, Portugal and at the general councils.

Author of several works for the Portuguese King. Left the order? Aegidius Gabrielis Gilles Gabrielis le Comte, - Franciscan tertiary and member of a Bogard congegration. After the death of his father, his mother was from supported by a local Bogard community. Continued with studies of theology at Standonck college, where he reached the baccalaureate by Due to material conditions, he was only able to obtain the licence in February the official doctorate was refused by the ecclesiastical authorities of Rome in From or thereabouts onwards, Aegidius taught as well: in Bogard schools and elswhere.

An attempt to obtain a professorship in philosophy at Porc was blocked by Gommarius Huygens.

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This setback enticed Aegidius to join the Bogards himself. Previously an independent religious group, they had become by affilated with the regular third order of the Friars Minor. Aegidius fulfilled several offices in the Bogard tertiary network visitator, general commissionar and provincial between He also taught as internal professor of theology in their Antwerp friary, and as professor of philosophy in Brussels. In addition, he developed himself into a well-regarded preacher and confessor among the urban laity also among the higher middle class , notwithstanding his austere viewpoints on morals and behaviour.

Several contemporaries suspected Aegidius of Cartesianist and Jansenist rigorist tendencies, which caused a lot of opposition to his teachings and his published works, even leading to attempts at censorship by his own order superiors. In , Aegidius had to travel to Rome to defend himself.

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There, between and and , Aegidius found support with some more rigorist cardinals. Several of his works were condemned, whereas his adversaries Jesuite authors such as Aegidius Estrix, Gerardus Bolck and Jean-Baptiste Vindevogel continued their attacks.

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Although Aegidius found strength in the sympathy towards him by Antoine Arnauld, the ongoing attacks damaged his position. Some time after , he retired to Brussels and then to Louvain, where he died in Prolific author and correspondent. Many sources still demand editorial attention. Thesis moralis practicae in secundam et tertiam partem Summae theologicae Brusels, Specimina moralis christianae et moralis diabolicae in praxi Brussels, This drew heavy attacks from the Jesuite author Aegidius Estrix.

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Thesis theologica de sacramento poenitentiae peccatoribus praesertim consuetudinariis et recidivis legitime administrando Brussels, Specimina moralis christianae, secunda editio ab auctore correcta et aucta Rome, Son of an Italian medical doctor and a Polish mother. Commissarius Generalis in Poland and elected provincial of the Polish province in Later active in the Bohemian province, where he became provincial in Studied at the Collegium S.

Bonaventurae between Baccalaureus Conventus in Padua in Later guardian of the Crema and Brescia friaries. Assistant of the provincial minister in the Milan province and himself elected provincial minister there in After another stint as guardian of Brescia from onwards, he was visitator of the Provincia del Santo and later became active as inquisitor in Adria, Rovigo , Treviso He died when he was in transfer to become inquisitor in Aquilea.

He was also known as a Lenten preacher, who preached complete cycles in Brescia, Vicenza and Lendinara Il Quaresimale di Diego Nisseno, dal P. Tensini tradotto di Spagnuolo in Italiano. Does not seem likely that this is correct, as translations of Nisseno's quadregesimal cycles were made by a number of non-Franciscan literators,.

Variae resolutiones Casuum ad Officium Inquisitionis spectantium. Apparently never printed. Friar from the Fiemme valley in present-day Tyrol in Austria. Entered the order on 7 September First studied at the Trento friary. Yet in November , he departed for Rome, to study oriental languages at the San Pietro in Montorio college. By , he is found as a professor of Arabic at the episcopal seminary of Padua. In that period, he published an Arabic and Persian grammar. He died soon thereafter, in November Agapitus Palestrinensis Agapito da Palestrina, d.

Friar from the Roman province. Theologian and lector at various study houses. Strong opponent of probabilism and comparable philosophical currents, some of which were en vogue among the Jesuits. Esame critico-teologico di quanto ha scritto il chiarissimo abbate D. Giaonvincenzo Bolgeni e Lorenzo Hervas Rome, Was sent by Francis to France in , were he was active as custos in Paris.

In , he travelled to England to establish a new order province. He was very successful as the first provincial minister of the English province, as can be gathered from the chronicle of Eccleston. Among other things, he was able to enlist Robert Grosseteste as teacher of the Franciscans in Oxford.

He was well-regarded by the English royal house. His cult was confirmed in Apparently no works of him survived.


Marietti, A. Pietro Maraneso, Bibliotheca seraphico-capuccina, 67 Rome-Bravetta, , Albertinus Veronensis Albertino da Verona, fl. Italian friar. Member of the Bolognese province.

Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition) Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition)
Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition) Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition)
Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition) Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition)
Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition) Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition)
Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition) Sermões: Antologia (Portuguese Edition)

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