Secrets of a Blue-Green River

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For the season Austral Kings will be the only dedicated fly-fishing operation on the river which will ensure excellent access as well as making use of the very experienced guides who have have been fishing the river since and importantly passing on its secrets! There can be few more important parts in a trip of this nature than an experienced guide who understands the ever-changing river as well as the lies, methods and tricks to hook a King, and then the knowledge to help land what must be considered one, if not the most formidable anadromous species of fish you can catch on a fly-rod.

The camp is located immediately opposite the area which provides the best boat access to the upper part of the river, which, incidently is where the best fly-fishing is located. Although you will be staying in tents this is not rough and ready back-packing!

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This is Chilean 'glamping' at its finest. Guests will stay in two spacious double occupancy luxury canvas tents equipped with comfortable Twin XL beds, chairs, and equipment storage.

Guests will use a bathhouse with two bathrooms — each with a shower and hot running water , sink and flush toilet. While it would not be fair to call this camp five-star, it has been thoughtfully constructed and is very comfortable by camp standards.

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  • The camp accommodates four anglers. The first salmon enter the river in December and the Austral Lodge season runs from early January well into March. The focus is very much centred on fishing for fresh, bright king salmon, so the lodge stops fishing well before the fish start to show their spawning colours. We will only be offering the prime weeks for four rods weekly. On every tide new, fresh salmon enter the river — in any given week of the season you will be fishing to a sizeable number of fish.

    What makes a great week is therefore not based on the number of fish in the river but instead on favorable weather and river conditions.

    How Do They Dye the Chicago River Green for St. Patrick's Day? | Mental Floss

    Clear-water and blue skies make for more challenging fishing than when rain or glacial melt add colour to the water. Whatever the case, the river drops and clears quickly; days lost to high, dirty water are rare. All this is to say: Join us any week in our season that fits your calendar. The location is accessible only by sea or by air.

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    Spring Break Adventures in The Green River Gorge Gorge

    At AM you will be picked up at your hotel and transported to Caleta la Arena to catch a ferry across the fjord, continuing on by land to the port of Hornopiren. Total travel time is hrs. Our Aim is to share our combined knowledge of fly fishing holidays and fly fishing vacations around the world to make your next river fishing, lake fishing or salt-water fly fishing holiday the best ever. We will always strive to ensure that your fishing trip is optimised to meet both the best seasonal conditions.

    If you would like to know more about the fishing in Chile, please contact us and we will provide you with more details. For availabilities, prices, pre trip information, booking form etc.


    To find out about how we process your data, please read our privacy policy. Please tell us about your trip to Chile and attach any photographs you would like to share. Please remember that the submitting of your recommendation is considered a release of permission for your testimonial to be used by WhereWiseMenFish for promotional purposes. Of that you will have plenty however truth be told there Belousiha Lodge offers anglers 3 days fishing on Belouisiha, a small intimate river where you can sightfish to salmon in conditions that can be similar to Iceland and 3 days fishing on the Voronya, a big river for big salmon!

    If you have ever found yourself wondering what it must have been like to fish for salmon in years gone by then Alaska remains the last place where you can reliably experience fishing of this calibre.

    ​Bellingham + Mount Baker Area

    The rivers still maintain very prolific runs of all species of Pacific Salmon as well as sea run dolly varden, rainbows and Glacier King is a unique Argentinean experience. An opportunity to fish in the exquisitely beautiful Los Glaciares National Park, pitted against the King Salmon, the biggest and strongest of all the Salmonid species, and the only known run of Atlantic King Salmon. Surrounded by breath-taking scenery Design and Website by. Researchers suspected that the appearance of bats on the scene triggered the evolution of these sensitive ears.

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    But the new research reveals that crickets and katydids had modern ears 50 million years ago, before echolocating bats evolved. Insects have evolved ears at least 17 times in different lineages, and other insects, such as the blue morpho butterfly, may even be able to distinguish between low and high pitches with their primitive under-wing ears.

    Fossils Reveal Secrets of Insects' Weird Ears | Live Science

    But the fossil record has been too sparse to determine whether bats can take credit for certain bugs' hearing boost. Smith and her colleague Roy Plotnick of the University of Illinois at Chicago turned to the Green River Formation, a series of lake deposits in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado that preserved ancient insects in remarkable detail — down to the veins in their wings and the hairs on their legs. That level of detail is key, because the researchers were looking for katydid and cricket ears. These insects hear using tiny oval cavities just under the knees of the front legs.

    "Green River" Sugar Lime Blue #SundayShoutOut

    Each cavity is the size of the eye of a needle.

    Secrets of a Blue-Green River Secrets of a Blue-Green River
    Secrets of a Blue-Green River Secrets of a Blue-Green River
    Secrets of a Blue-Green River Secrets of a Blue-Green River
    Secrets of a Blue-Green River Secrets of a Blue-Green River
    Secrets of a Blue-Green River Secrets of a Blue-Green River
    Secrets of a Blue-Green River Secrets of a Blue-Green River
    Secrets of a Blue-Green River Secrets of a Blue-Green River

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