Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1)

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In February of we reached an amazing milestone: we trained 1. We were thrilled.

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Through their dedication and partnership, , more adults …. Read More.

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We continue to push forward to help better protect children and as we look forward to , we …. You can protect kids. There are 42 million survivors of child sexual abuse in the US. Eventually, I employed another work-around. I installed some smart lightbulbs in my kitchen, that could be dimmed and colour-adjusted using an app on my smartphone. This, of course, created a paradox: to remove the alerting blue light from the bulbs, I had to expose myself to blue light from my phone, so I did it in the daytime to avoid invalidating the experiment.

Now our kitchen glowed an eerie red-orange by night. But at least we could cook again. Smartphone screens have been proven to make us more alert and, when used at night, sleepier the next day Credit: Getty Images.

2. Shakespeare

One study suggested that using an e-reader before bed prolonged the amount of time it took for people to fall asleep, delayed the circadian clock, suppressed REM sleep, and left participants feeling more tired the next morning, compared to people who read a print book for the same amount of time. Players felt more alert after using the conventional smartphones and performed worse in cognitive tests the next day, suggesting that their sleep may have suffered.

My pledge to avoid artificial light also made socialising difficult.

When I explained my predicament, she generously offered to let me sit upstairs in a candle-lit room and receive visitors. Instead, we encouraged friends to come to our house, and so they came: amused, curious, and occasionally concerned about what they might find. One family initially declined our invitation to stay for New Year because they were worried their son might knock over the candles.

Moby - This Wild Darkness (Official Video)

They changed their mind when I told them they could use the lights in their bedroom. Conversation seemed to flow more easily, and visitors also commented on how mellow and relaxed they felt in the dim light. But did any of this make any difference to my sleep or mental performance? There was a general trend towards earlier bedtimes during the intervention weeks — particularly during the week when increased daylight was combined with low evening light.

On this week, my average bedtime was , compared to on baseline weeks. Even so, I was significantly sleepier in the evenings during the increased daylight and low evening light intervention weeks. My body also started releasing the darkness hormone, melatonin, some 1. Like me, Kenneth Wright at the University of Boulder in Colorado has long been fascinated by how our modern lighting environment might be affecting our internal timing. So in , he sent eight people camping in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for a week during the summer and measured how this affected their sleep.

One study found that a week of camping shifted people's internal clocks approximately 1. Both had shifted approximately 1. Wright recently repeated the study in winter. This time, he found that participants went to sleep some 2. This meant they slept for around 2. Perhaps it was because I was living in a relatively warm house, which made defying my body clock easier.

I also was forced to get up at the same time each morning by my children — who occasionally woke me at night, too. But when I correlated my sleep with the amount of light I was exposed to during the daytime, an interesting pattern emerged. On the brightest days, I went to bed earlier. I also felt more alert upon waking during all three intervention weeks — but particularly during the two weeks when I was exposed to more daylight.

This pattern has been seen in other studies too. Many of the public buildings it manages either were designed to try and boost indoor daylight levels or have been remodelled, so its leaders were keen to find out if this had made any difference to the health of those working inside them. Workers were asked to wear a device that collected light data around their necks, as well as to complete daily mood and sleep questionnaires for a week during summer and again in winter.

When the light data started to come in, it was initially disheartening.

You have partitions, people pulling the shades. Those who received a high stimulus took less time to fall asleep at night and slept for longer. Morning light seemed to be particularly powerful: those exposed to a high stimulus between and took an average 18 minutes to fall asleep at night, compared to 45 minutes in the low stimulus group.

They slept for an extra 20 minutes. Their sleep efficiency was 2. And they reported significantly fewer sleep disturbances. These associations were stronger during winter, when people may have had less opportunity to receive natural light during their journey to work. Gordijn also recently published a study which found that people slept better following more exposure to daylight.

Here, the participants were wired up to polysomnography monitors to record their sleep in detail. Light was known to alter the timing of sleep via the circadian system. But recent work by Samer Hattar at the University of Maryland has suggested that the light-sensitive cells in the eye, which control the circadian system, also connect to the homeostatic system.

Daylight also affects mood. Those GSA office workers who were exposed to brighter morning light scored lower on a self-rated scale of depression. Other research has shown that morning light, as well as light during the day, can improve symptoms of non-seasonal depression. In her study, those who recorded a high circadian stimulus in the daytime tended to be more active during daylight hours and less active once it got dark, suggesting their sleep was more aligned with their internal clock.

So many scenes depend upon it — from Henry V touring the troops incognito, to the Porter in Macbeth unwittingly realising his role in murkier deeds, to the "darkness" of the Dark Lady. Night in Shakespeare is different from darkness — night is where identities are confused, conflated and sometimes confiscated. The bed-trick in Measure for Measure or All's Well That Ends Well is predicated upon not being able to see whom you're shagging; A Midsummer's Night Dream doesn't work if they're all in a suburban dining room.

The play where darkness is most frequently mentioned is one which would have been seen in full daylight: King Lear. Edgar, disguised as Poor Tom, can't keep darkness at bay: "did the act of darkness with her", "the prince of darkness is a gentleman", "an angler on the lake of darkness".

But the profound Shakesperean darkness is in The Tempest , a play played indoors, like all the late plays, and like them, full of ambiguous reconciliation. Is this appropriation or reconciliation? What makes these lines so moving is not just the intellectual sprezzatura his Inferno is not geographical, like Dante, but metaphysical and impossible , but our knowledge that he was probably already blind when he dictated the line.

In his ineffably moving sonnet "On His Blindness" , Milton does not talk of his own sightlessness; rather, he turns an inner eye on "this dark world and wide". But it is his final work, Samson Agonistes , which confirms Milton as the poet of insight in sightlessness. He — Milton or Samson — is not describing blindness here.

He is describing depression and alienation and every single thing the existentialists worried about over their absinthes. The world is turned upside down, and the ideas have to be, in response. For the blind Milton, there is no real darkness.

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John The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Dark is also Dark Ages; and Pope describes the horror of cultural apocalypse better than anyone. Let's let him speak for himself:.

1. The Bible

It would be easy to give over Joyce to Chapter XV , his technicolor fantasia on darkness. It would be even easier to take the chapters thereafter, with their increase of legato and their worrying slowness, their care to nodding, slow-booted reading. One might even give it to the end of Ulysses , Molly's meander into sleep, but there is no darkness there: the word never escapes her mumbling lips.

No, the real darkness is in Finnegans Wake , the crepuscular masterpiece. It is all darkness, set at night, and Joyce's "Book of the Dark", and the word darkness once appears: " It might mean everything, it may mean nothing, but for Joyce to place a word in his own kaleidoscope of meaning so pertinently can't mean nothing, Or doesn't it?

Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1) Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1)
Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1) Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1)
Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1) Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1)
Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1) Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1)
Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1) Light in the Dark (Through the Darkness Book 1)

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