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Use this lesson to teach your students how to take their sentences from simple to compound by using coordinating conjunctions. Possessive Pronouns. Get your students excited about possessive pronouns with this fun lost-and-found inspired lesson. By talking about items that belong to themselves and their classmates, kids be gain a better understanding of denoting possession. Plural Noun Practice. This lesson gives young explorers a chance to find plural nouns around the classroom and use them to build sentences.

It nourishes students' creative sides while helping them learn. Parts of Speech: Breaking Down Sentences. Let your students find out that the sentences they speak so easily are formed of many different parts. Have them break down sentences to learn the various parts that form a sentence! Prepositional Phrases. Prepositions are all around us. This teacher-approved lesson plan will help students identify prepositional phrases through a number of engaging reading exercises. Linking and helping verbs may not be the most exciting or understood verbs — but they are still important!

Learn and practice these parts of speech. Learn and practice these parts of speech with this lesson that incorporates interactive exercises. Writing More Complex Sentences. Students will become sentence construction gurus as they learn to craft more sophisticated sentences. Specifically, young writers will use subordinating conjunctions to combine dependent and independent clauses to craft complex sentences. Finding the Subject and Predicate. Help your students avoid the dreaded sentence fragment with this lesson that gives young writers the building blocks they need to succeed in English class.

Improve your students' sentence variation with this lesson that teaches them how to use conjunctions to improve the flow of their writing.

Use an Action Verb. Show me some action! Use this grammar lesson with your students to teach them how to identify and use action verbs in sentences. Adjectives: Comparative and Superlative. Big, bigger, biggest? Teach your students about comparative and superlative adjectives as they make comparisons. Identifying Common or Proper Nouns.

Help your students learn the difference between proper and common nouns with this lesson that has them come up with examples of their own and complete a worksheet to check for comprehension. Link Up! A Subject-Verb Agreement Game. Get your students moving and grooving to grammar in this fun, fast-paced game! This subject-verb agreement lesson plan will give your students the opportunity to practice making sentences in which the subject and verb agree.

Writing: Descriptive Words.

Improve your students' writing skills with this neat lesson on adjectives. From bright to dark, light to heavy, your little writers will be able to describe the world around them in no time. Write Me a Story. We all love to tell stories, but a good story is clearly organized. In this lesson students will learn how to use transition words and strong endings when writing narratives.


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Juggling Verb Tense. Verbs are the only kind of word that have tenses. Some of them are standard and easy to learn, while others are irregular and tricky. This lesson will review verb tense changes that follow the regular pattern and those oddballs that don't. Choose an account to Log In Google accounts. Facebook accounts. Sign in with Facebook. For more assistance contact customer service. Log In. Email address. Switch accounts.


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School name. If your lesson requires use of shared materials or spaces such as computer labs or shared electronics , make sure you reserve these spaces and confirm their reservation. Keep materials together in a secure space and labeled for your lesson, and have extra available. Include any links or media that are necessary for your lesson, as well as materials needed.

Ensure your sites are bookmarked and playlists are compiled in advance. The procedure and instructions: Create detailed notes on both the process for the lesson or activity and on how instructions are to be given.

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Your lesson plan should be detailed enough that anyone who reads it will have all the same information and ability to effectively teach the lesson. Group sizes for lessons and activities: It is best to use a mix of groupings for the activities within your lessons, including individual, pairs, small group, and whole class work. When planning your activities, contemplate which groupings will work best for each activity or if students will have the option of choosing which group sizes work best for them.

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A method of assessing student progress toward objectives: How will you determine if your lesson plan accomplished its goal of achieving learning objectives? In your lesson plan, detail your process for assessment oral quiz, written quiz, project, etc. Aim to have lesson plans completed no later than the Thursday prior to their implementation. Give yourself sufficient time to gather necessary materials as well.

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Some schools and districts require the use of lesson planning books and templates for creating lesson plans. Find great lesson plan samples of teacher-created templates here. Lesson planning plays a huge role in providing students with the stable classroom environments that best support their learning. No matter the age group, students respond best to predictable routines in which they are involved and aware of the process and are able to anticipate what comes next.

Post your lesson plans in multiple visible places where students, substitutes, and parents can all see them and easily stay caught up on your curriculum. Encourage your students to give feedback on lessons, either throughout the week or at the end of a completed lesson, and take note of which elements brought out the best and worst responses. Like any skill, creating a good lesson plan format gets easier the more you do it.

Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not
Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not
Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not
Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not
Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not Lesson Plans To Have and Have Not

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