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So whilst Pieter-Jan de Pue's film may not be The Act of Killing , it does go further into the realm of the "docu-drama," and there are few filmmakers who do it quite so well. What we get is a scathing document about the War on Terror in Afghanistan, except it is always stiched into a familiar tale about a boy who wants to marry a beautiful girl.

In this instance, however, the film's lead is literally a boy, and the band of oportunistic ruffians who follow him are all a similarly adolescent age. What results is quite an interesting comment on the state the country after many centuries of invasion. All adults before their time, these young "lions" as they call themselves fiercely patrol an area surrounding an old Soviet sentry post. Armed with AKs, they split their time between shaking down local opium smugglers and herding goats - and viewers should note, animals were definitely harmed during the making of this movie.

But the boys' vagabond attempt to source enough opium to ensure their leader's wedding goes ahead does really proves to be quite fascinating.

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What we see in The Land of the Enlightened is always superimposed onto classical folklores about how Afghanistan was gifted to its people by God, or how the Mongols took it from its rightful owners. As a consequence, the ongoing actions of the American and Afghan forces in the film take on a fascinatingly timeless quality. We are almost forced to always see the present and 3, years' of past at the same time. The sensations this mashup creates is deliciously oxymoronic, and is rather brilliantly exacerbated by a colliding things like Pink Floyd with classical Afghan songs.

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There's a really charming, edgy quality to the kids' performances too, something which becomes almost amusing in an absurdist way, given the nature of the things we see them do. De Pue also intensely satirizes the War on Terror, and at times this is laugh-out-loud funny. At others, though, it does genuinely comes to seem as if the troops in this film are reinacting something from Call of Duty grudge match. Despite it's humour, though, The Land of the Enlightened is first and foremost a visually experimental piece.

It stunningly captures Afghanistan's beauty and variety, and the horrors that litter its lanscapes in an endless stream of spent ammunition and unexploded anti-tank mines. But above all, this film uses its techniques to lend Afghanistan's situation a certain mythic grandeur. It tslow-mos things like bright prayer scrolls blowing across vast open plains like divinely portentuous tumbleweed, or dissolves footage of brutally modern helicopters into shots of timeless landscapes. Similarly, it parallels the boys' present with the past Soviet invasion of the country by switching between crisp digital footage and an older '80s-looking style.

It is as though this film telescopes time and makes the boys' conflict ultimately seem totemic and endless. Put simply, if this kind of audio-visual cunningness is the future of docu-dramas, I want more of it. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Ryan, Mel, Sally and John are strangers on their first day of high school. They know nothing about each other and are unaware of the secrets held beneath their small town.

Within the depths of an old mine lay a magical portal to a colorful world inhabited by talking animals, screaming vegetables, evil sorcerers and other mythical creatures.

Through a chain of collisions and mishaps, these four strangers embark on a forced journey into this mystical land. The key to their way home is to fulfill Fate's ancient prophecy and bring peace back to the Land of Enchantas. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Corey M. When he is not writing, he works as an Adoption Specialist at a local Agency, enjoys a good game of billiards with his father, delights in extreme sports, likes outdoor activities, loves to travel and appreciates a good story.

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Write a Review. Land of Enchantas 4. Anonymous More than 1 year ago As I entered this story, I was immediately drawn by it's beautiful color! It took me to a Land where imagination, and real life joined as one. As the story continued, I felt myself drawn into a time in my own life, as a child. I am 57 years old now. I feel it can be a wonderful story for girls as young as 11 and young boys about thirteen This is packed with hidden messages about life and growing throughout our young adult years!

I am amazed at the writer's ability to keep so many things going on at the same time, easy to follow and truly a magical read!! Thank you Corey, looking forward to the release of your new book this fall!!

Land of Enchantas (Paperback)

Anonymous More than 1 year ago Great Book!!! The Author draws you in with introduction to the characters and keeps you interested with great details exciting adventures. A new and different fantasy good for young adult and beyond. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Awesome read!! Loved the storyline and the depth of the characters!!

Anonymous More than 1 year ago Loved this book.

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The author draws you into the story and keeps you enchanted till the end. You won't want to put it down. Can't wait for his next novel!! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Awesome book!!!

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Full of adventure and excitement. Really good!!! Related Searches. Far Beyond Heaven. At the threshold of adulthood, Cody Palmeroy takes on a gruesome job at a funeral At the threshold of adulthood, Cody Palmeroy takes on a gruesome job at a funeral home while he pursues a philosophy degree at a nearby university. Several years later, he becomes a chaplain at a state prison where hardened, desperate View Product. Killer Lessons.

Land of Enchantas Land of Enchantas
Land of Enchantas Land of Enchantas
Land of Enchantas Land of Enchantas
Land of Enchantas Land of Enchantas
Land of Enchantas Land of Enchantas
Land of Enchantas Land of Enchantas

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