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One of the best experiences I have ever had! Pilot Steve Larmore was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. He tells you exactly what you need to know and has a great ability to teach and communicate! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has dreamed of a ride in an amazing warbird! My experience at Stallion 51 was nothing short than the thrill of a lifetime. Approaching my 80th birthday my wish was to fly in a P51 Mustang and I would have been a happy camper just to do that.

To be able to take control of the aircraft and to fly it under the expert tutelage of John Posson was a dream come true. I flew the original Crazy Horse, an honor I will always remember. John and the entire staff at Stallion 51 are both extremely professional and take the utmost care to guide their students and customers.

Flying the P51 Mustang had been a lifelong dream…. I celebrated my 60th birthday by experiencing the beauty of performance and handling of Crazy Horse 2 with Steve Larmore. The introduction to several aerobatic maneuvers has wetted my appetite to get back into it.

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I also want to recognize the Technicians who work so hard behind the scenes maintaining this beautiful aircraft. The entire staff at Stallion 51 Flight Operations is professional and courteous. When you enter the facility you immediately sense the pride they have for what they do. The operation at Stallion 51 was outstandingly professional and so friendly. This was an experience that will leave a lasting memory …Thank you to all at Stallion Dear Stallion 51 team: I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your welcome and fine attention. Flying the Mustang for me represents being able to fulfill one of my wishes and one of my priorities in my life.

The experience lived during the flight, the acrobatics carried out and the learning received will be something that will mark my professional life as an aviation pilot and at the same time it led me to remember the beauty of the aviation in its pure nature when flying an important piece of the history.

Thanks again to all the team that received me with such love and I hope to see you again. Regards, Victor Torres. I have been reliving my moments in that beautiful plane every second since August 20th! Even Bill has been completely surprised by the depth of what his gift has meant to me. I have no words. You made my 60th birthday a day I will never forget. To say it was a dream come true just does not even begin to capture the depth of what I felt that day, and continue to feel even at this moment.

Thank you.

Bolts and Gas John's 1970 Mustang Convertible - Day 3

ALL of you — for all you do to preserve the beauty and grandeur of such a magical machine, and for using your unsurpassed knowledge and expertise to share it with those of us who would otherwise NEVER be able to experience it. Blessings upon blessings to you all. Stay safe. With the greatest gratitude, Lynann Kurr.

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  5. From the morning when I met Beth and Marco, I felt at home in your school, and no detail was left unanswered. The tone was set for the finest training I would ever receive. Marco, my instructor, was excellent! His knowledge and kindly teaching method made my transitions very easy! Lauderback made me at ease on my checkride and took exceptional care of my daughter and son on their formation flights with me. My Father was a tail-gunner on the B Leading Lady.

    The adventure begins / Suzanne Selfors. - Version details - Trove

    He flew 58 missions and had 3 victories and 2 heavily damaged. He would tell me stories about how the Mustangs saved them on long missions. My love of the Mustang began with his stories when I was 5 years old. I enjoyed the T-6, but my true life ambitions were realized in the P Every aspect of safety, and protocol was: briefed, followed, and debriefed.

    These Photos Will Make You Want to Quit Your Job and Ride a Mustang From Mexico to Canada

    This has been a life dream realized; however, having my kids flying formation aerobatics off our wing was truly the best experience of our lives! This is a Premier Flight Experience. Exceeded all my Expectations……. As a lead up to this unbelievable flight with Steve I would like to bring a little history of my limited flight experience. Local pilots donated their time and planes to fly participants after they stepped off the scales.

    I was in the 6 th grade and was lucky enough to sit right hand copilot, had a great view of the mid-Ohio valley and was hooked on flying. Fast forward to Started flight training in a Cessna After earning my license I moved to the Cessna I got to fly with my Father who had been in the Army Air Corp till it was dissolved in That was really cool! Being towed to about 10k feet was rather melodramatic, but when we were cut loose I was amazed how quiet the ride was. I got to fly a little but rapidly lost altitude by learning how to neutralize the stick after every turn and not knowing how to find the air currents.

    The pilot was kind enough to let me steer the plane straight and level till we had to land. Quite exciting! Forward to April 3 rd and I slip back to the excitement of my first airplane ride as a kid. Needless to say was, that was probably a good thing as I would have been so much more nervous with this amazing plane I have read so much about. Pre-flight with Steve Larmore was great. ME, doing aerobatics —never thought it would ever happen!

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    The list of maneuvers performed was amazing: taxi, take-off, turns, steep turns, wing over, aileron roll, barrel roll, Cuban 8, and loop. From take-off to the landing I got to land it, Wow!! Steve talked me through every step of the way with his great skill and knowledge. Being able to watch and listen to the complete flight and understand what we were going through after the fact is amazing!

    I have to say that from my first plane ride as a kid- to this incredible chance to fly the P51 Mustang at the age of 66 will be very hard to top! First impressions mean a lot and with Kelly Managhan in flight operations, Greg Wise crew chief, Steve Larmore-my pilot and another pilot-Marco Rusconi, how could you not feel welcome. I took a one-hour ride in Crazy Horse 2. Fantastic event from pre-briefing through flight through post-briefing. The fact another person was also flying the other Mustang that day added to the thrill, as we spent time flying in formation, so if you can get a friend to go at the same time, do so.

    Note extremely heavy-set folks should not apply; the trainee seat in the rear is even smaller than the original seat up front. It was even fun getting to control the ground taxiing. If I lived in the area I would already be scheduling my next flight. What was it like for a 20 year-old with a few hundred hours to fly this amazing airplane in World War II? I have over 6, hours, most in a Beech Baron, took some aerobatic lessons before flying the P I loved the plane, Steve, my instructor was great.

    Overall outstanding. Thank you Steve and everyone at Stallion 51 for making this such a memorable experience for our wonderful dad! Bucket list checked! The P is a DREAM airplane to fly and early aerobatic experience came flooding back in a real high performance airplane.


    The airplanes are perfect and the employees as pleasant and helpful as anyone could expect. I am a private pilot from Melbourne Australia and saved up for this bucket list item. Homer tuaght me some aerobatic techniques that have me hooked now. This was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience I will never forget.

    The staff and the pilots were amazing. Highly recommend anyone and everyone put it on your bucket list. Have wanted to fly the P Mustang since I was a kid. Stallion 51 is a first class operation. Lee and his Team made the experience one of the best I have ever had. After 27 years of military aviation it was a blast. You leave wanting to do it again! Lee is a great instructor and if you ever wanted to fly the P this is the place. Highly recommend the flight. Wanted to fill a bucket list item and fly a Mustang. Stallion 51 was the right place to go! Aircraft are amazing, the staff is friendly and professional, and my IP was superb. They provide you a start to finish video of your flight so you can relive the excitement over and over.

    Definitely worth the money! My uncle flew the P in squadron and got me interested in flying as a young man. While I flew mostly Cessna and Pipe aircraft this was my first experience in a high performance aircraft.

    Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins
    Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins
    Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins
    Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins
    Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins
    Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins
    Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins Johnny Mustang The Adventure Begins

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