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A nice oxymoron I thought to get people to think differently about these hostels. My only issue was covering my costs and bills for the 6 months I needed to write the book.

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Thankfully I have saved up a bit from the 3 jobs I was working. Plus, I managed to crowdsource financial support from within the hostelling community and found sponsors like easyJet, Eurail , Busabout and a website called Travellerspoint. Without their support, I never would have written the first book and be standing here now.

I have never looked back since that moment. After 6 glorious months of travelling and visiting hostels which had its fair share of highs and lows, I wrote my first e-book.

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My blogging career took off after that. I published 4 years later a subsequent sequel to the book which was also very popular but again self published and in e-book format. I had come to Berlin after experiencing blogging burnout. I was travelling too much. Not spending enough time home. Not enough time for myself. I went through a painful breakup and my whole life was turned upside down. I was back on the road at 37 leading the sometimes-epic-sometimes-not-epic life of a digital nomad. In Berlin, I switched off the laptop and just remembered to live again.

Berlin, in the summer is a place of real beauty.

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You have to experience it once in your lifetime. Everyone is on the streets till late. Its like a never-ending festival of happiness. People are smiling.

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  • Beers in hand. You can eat wonderful food from all parts of the world for not too much money.

    Welcome to my whining!

    I joined a fantastic coworking space called the Factory and met creative people from all over the world. I also met a girl. The kind of girl you dream of meeting. Silly, like me. I discovered Berlin through her eyes. I discovered a lot about myself thanks to her. Things started looking up. After a few weeks of barely doing any work, I found slowly my creative energy coming back. Ideas were forming, waiting to break out and find shape. I was keen to find a publisher who I could work with on a much needed sequel to the Luxury Hostels of Europe.

    I wanted to do a global edition of the book. I found myself spending a lot of time in bookstores across Berlin researching publishers and then I came across the beautiful coffee table books of Gestalten in a bookstore called Ocelot. I was keen to know more about the publisher and then I had a wonderful twist of fate.

    I met the charismatic founder of the Berlin Travel Festival , Bernd Neff at a travel storytelling event at the Factory. He invited me to become part of his inaugural Berlin Travel Festival which would be taking place in Spring It was thanks to Bernd, I got a meeting with his long term friend and founder of Gestalten, Robert Klanten. The rest is history. Illustrated Guide to Lisbon-One of 10 illustrated city guides you can find in the guide alongside the descriptions of the hostels.

    The first time when Adam and Maria from Gestalten presented me with the book in my hand, was a moment of pure joy, one I will never forget. An even more surreal moment- I went back to Edinburgh a fortnight ago after eons. I had brought the girl to see my hometown and take her to all my favourite haunts where all those dreams were made all those years ago. I walked into the travel section. There, on the top, I saw my book on display in their featured travel books section. The girl and me safe to say , made a whole lot of noise and create a fair racket that might have upset a few browsers around us.

    The book at Blackwells Bookstore, Edinburgh! The Grand Hostels: Luxury Hostels of the World is on sale and you can find it in Amazon, hopefully at a few good bookstores and also order it directly via Gestalten. Like this: Like Loading Lets connect! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Right in the heart of South America, La Paz is a city like no other.


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    I published my first book just a little over a month ago. I published my first book. Even typing that now, it feels so surreal. Gallery Hostel, Porto. Cocomama Hostel, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bio Latest Posts. Consider the moun10 hostel in Garmisch Partenkirchen. Seriously, buy my books. Click on Amazon, type in my name, and click "Buy Now" until your mouse wears out. Do we really need to eliminate the period between finishing a book and then telling the world what we thought about it?

    For yourself? Or, to put it another way, are we really in need of options that bypass the filter from first thought to internet posting? I bought a Kindle. I use a Kindle. I shop in the Kindle store. Why does its flesh have to be branded like that? In larger type than is present in the rest of the book. Just look at this. I took the actual "kindle" branding and put it into the text. It's twice as big! Message received.

    What are the bookmarks for?

    The convenience of a bookmark is to pick up where you left off. That convenience is already provided in no less than two ways. How many redundant systems do you need to perform this same simple task? Is this meant for people who want to do the math? Which is always off for me. The same way it works with Google Maps where the walking speed seems to be set to someone with one half of one leg dragging their battery-dead mobility scooter behind them down city streets, time estimates on the Kindle seem to be built for third graders who are riding a Gravitron and have partially blinded themselves by eating too many off-brand crayons that get their colors from lead.

    Plus, it turns reading into a needless contest. Yeah, I get it. I know WHY it exists. It exists because manufacturers of gizmos had to replace really good technology books with something newer, more expensive, and that connects directly to a marketplace.

    Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4) Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4)
    Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4) Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4)
    Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4) Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4)
    Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4) Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4)
    Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4) Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4)
    Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4) Facts About Farts (Kindle Coffee Table Books Book 4)

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