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Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Our Stores. Results for - no. As she struggles to keep her gender a secret, Ai strives to break out of her shell through dance and match up to Hayate. All the while, Buddyz fights against fierce competition to be the best idol unit. This is a two-part manga that was printed with three other short stories together in one book. The tankoubon itself shares the title of this story, Kanshakudama no Yuutsu.

COMICLOUD Vol.3, No.7 English description:

Story 1 Kanshakudama no Yuutsu: Kajika is a female ninja and her parents were murdered by the rival ninja family Hayato when she was a little girl. Now, she lives with her grandfather. She falls in love with her senpai named Fujisaki.

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But he thinks that Kajika is too male. And Kajika's childhood friend Yuga has a problem with Fujisaki-senpai! When Fujisaki wants to date Kajika, she discovers something that is really shocking and surprising for her Story 2 This Affair is for Real: Yuri wants her best friend Karin, a rich girl, to meet her pen friend because she sent him a photo of Karin. For a ordinary dessert a cheesecake Karin do that, and she has a date with Ryo in the aquarium, but nothing is like it should be - appearances are deceptive Story 3 The Romance in the Afternoon Rain: Minori falls in love with Takato-kun, a boy from an other school because one day he gave her his umbrella when it was raining.

Since this day, Minori hopes, that there is every time rain because she wants to be with Takato under his umbrella. But in the middle school Takato got a go-by of a girl and there is a rumour, that he hates all girls since this day. What will Minori do and WHO was that girl!? But the most popular boy at school, Nakamura Shigenobu, loves Mana and he doesn't give up. But Mana doesn't want to fell in love with someone else until she forget Nishikawa. Shinjou, Mayu 3 vols.

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Himeno's chest will hurt if any boy touches her because she has the diamond of the heart. However, when she was young, she befriended two boys -- the gentle Mamoru and the blunt Keigo -- who are able to touch her without harming her. Without knowing about the diamond of the heart, both Mamoru and Keigo promised to protect Himeno.

When some people threaten to take Himeno's heart, who else will protect her but her knights? Kurahashi, Erika 5 vols. Best friends Tokieda Airi and Sahara Taki have had a happy junior high school life, but the mysterious group "F" begins to target them because they attract too much attention! When this method doesn't work, they sink even lower: Airi and Taki's beautiful school life has been ruined, and now they must race to reveal the culprits of "F" Mika is a regular girl who just goes day to day without any concrete dreams for her future.

Until one day, when she sees her classmate Kaede playing pool in a billiards lounge.

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Kaede is a boy who hides many secrets Entranced by the smile Kaede wears when he plays, Mika soon finds herself immersed in the game! There's something mysterious happening at the old school building. It's Fuuko's first year at high school, and a classmate has caught her eye. Maybe it's because he's cute and mysterious -- or maybe it's because she's seen him walk up walls!

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Fuuko will do what it takes to get close to Ruka, but at what cost to herself? Shiina, Ayumi 2 vols. But the one he loves is the class idol, Kuririn. However, Misaki doesn't need to be depressed.

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She's got got other options!? Totteoki no Uta Serialization: Fujii, Mihona 10 vols. Self-styled Kogal queen Kotobuki Ran and her friends just wanna have fun, which includes shopping, hanging out, and scamming meals off gullible guys. Unfortunately, their "hood"—Shibuya—is in constant danger of being despoiled by dirty old men, street gangs, nasty Kogal rivals, and other societal evils. But with a little help from her friends and a toughness born of coming from a family full of cops, Ran takes on the bad guys and gals with gusto!

Haruta, Nana 1 vol.

follow url Kurozawa Konomi is deeply in love with her boyfriend Hiro, and she's willing to do everything for him! But Hiro seems rather cold towards Konomi, which makes everyone say that their relationship is just like one of a puppy and his master! So are they really 'lovey dovey' as Konomi wants to believe? Sekai wa Kimi wo Sukuu 3. Boku no Candy My Sweet Candy 4. Green Boy x Blue Girl Serialization: Classmate troublemakers Sorao and Sorako have been friends since they met as transfer students a year ago.

The drama starts when another girl makes it clear to Sorako that she wants to drive Sorako and Sorao apart so she can have Sorao to herself. Emi a writer of short stories is in love with Tsuzuki from the art club. She finds herself writing him love letter after love letter, but will she ever give him one? Shiina, Ayumi 9 vols. As a little girl, Seara fell in love with Shuuhei, an older boy, but he looked down on her.

Years later, when her parents temporarily relocate to the US, Seara takes the opportunity to move into the same house as him. Since Seara looks alot older than she actually is, Shuuhei doesn't recognize her right away. Will he ever recognize her? Will they ever find true love?

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Asabuki, Mari 2 vols. Asahi is a 7th grade student who's very bad at sports. She joined the volleyball club when she entered junior high school, only to quit it one month later because she couldn't keep up with practice. Feeling discouraged from all kinds of sports, Asahi was reluctant when her friend asked her to play a double badminton match to substitute for a member who couldn't play.

Surprisingly, Asahi found out that she has talent for badminton Divine Sanctuary Included one-shot: Fifteen-year-old Ishimori Uka is a very shy girl that can't stand being in front of someone. One day she meets a boy on the streets who's just as refreshing as lemon soda. He helped her when she was bullied and that boy made her wanting to change so she can properly express herself. Shiina, Ayumi 1 vol. Fantasy Romance Comedy Drama Shoujo.

A collection of oneshots: He soon fell in love with her, but she may not have done the same. Can the two find something to learn from each other? Sakai, Mayu 1 vol. Kana loves drawing more than anything. Everyday she goes home to find her mother and brother arguing. Only with her precious art book, does she feel at peace. However, one day her mother throws the art book out. Romance Comedy Shoujo Gender Bender. Satomi wakes up late one morning and starts running to school, but she crashes onto Keshi.

They both stare at each other for a moment and noticed they switched bodies! Now Keshi is in Satomi's body and Satomi is in Keshi's body. They have to continue the other's life until they fix their problem.


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