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Book Pages: Illustrations: Published: February Averting the Apocalypse is about everyone else.

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Arthur Bonner, a former New York Times reporter with long experience as a foreign correspondent in Asia, conducted interviews over many months while traveling almost 20, miles within India seeking out the underclass and social activists who together are beginning to mobilize for social change at the bottom of Indian society. Working in areas torn by violence, Bonner offers a terrifyingly accurate portrait of a society bloodied by decades of unequal social structure and the absence of a civil society and political mechanism capable of responding to the exploitation of the poor and weak.

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Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please
Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please
Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please
Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please
Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please
Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please

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